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June 2017

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Cross & Soldier commemorating Memorial Day

Our residents who were incarcerated at a young age may have never held a job or even applied for one. They often have no idea how to manage money or balance a checkbook. And they may not have completed their education or even fully developed the social skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Our older residents often have special needs which require our attention. We provide additional transportation as this older population tends to have more doctor’s appointments. We assist them with applying for Social Security benefits or health care. We make our apartments accessible according to their specific needs.

Many residents throughout the spectrum require a high level of emotional support and we spend time counseling and mentoring them.

In the past I have questioned whether we are qualified and equipped to do some of these things. While I do not hold degrees in psychology or theology, I am qualified through the grace of God and the lessons he has taught me. Each day, I put my pants on one leg at a time and arm myself with the full armor of God. Through God, we are qualified and equipped to handle the next set of challenges He will lay before us.

If we do not serve the “least of these”, then who will?


Serving the “Least”

Ted Rodarm - Executive Director

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Cross & Soldier commemorating Memorial Day